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CVRR Tuesday afternoon session for September 27th, 2016

CVRR Tuesday afternoon session for September 27th, 2016 Hello everyone and excellent work on last Tuesday’s Tempo and Hill session! Again this last workout focused on Lactate threshold conditioning (training one to sustain a faster pace over a longer distance such as a 15km to marathon). The hill reps focused on speed, mechanics (running form) and strength to allow one to run more efficiently at a faster pace with less effort. September 27th Session Focus: VO2 Max Intervals on grass loops. Interval training is repeated work bouts of hard running for up to 5 minutes maximum with equal amounts of rest time or a bit less. The purpose of an interval session is to maximize aerobic power (Daniel’s 2014). With increased aerobic power one is able to utilize oxygen more efficiently in the muscles and thus run considerably faster especially for distances up to 10km. However VO2 max sessions are also beneficial for distances beyond 10km as this training makes the relatively slower pace of the longer distances more comfortable and sustainable in conjunction with Tempo running. The pace for VO2 max intervals (I pace) is between your 5-10km race pace or slightly faster. Why run on grass? There are a variety of different surfaces to train on with pros and cons for each. Grass running helps to spare the legs when one may be doing a lot of volume on the roads and track. Grass running offers more resistance that forces one to work harder while maintaining good running form. Grass running can also offer a mental break from the intensities of the road and track where everything can be measured exactly. Many world class runners have utilized grass running into their fall, winter and spring programs in order to help them train for upcoming cross country, road and track races (Sandrock, 2001). • Warm-up run easy for 10-20 minutes • 5:10 PM Dynamic warm-up that includes stretching, strides and drills • Interval session on Vanier fields- Run perimeter of fields in clockwise direction. Please choose one of the following workouts according to your current weekly training volume. Please don’t try to do more as this could slow your progress and cause injury so be realistic with yourself! Please group up with runners at your level/training volume and work together without racing. You will need to time your intervals and recoveries. Session A: Runners who train up to 48 km per week: (Workout: 4 x 3 minutes @ I pace off 2 minute jog) Session B: Runners who train 49-70 km per week (Workout 4 x 4 minutes @ I pace off 3 minute jog) Session C: Runners who train 75 km or more per week (Workout: 4 x 5 minutes@ I pace off 4 minute jog) • Cool down run (easy) 10- 20 minutes. Please take time to do a cool down run – very important! Follow this with gentle stretching, fluid and nutrient dense food ASAP. Cheers and see you on Tuesday! Coach Neil

Announcement of New CVRR Coach

It is with great pleasure I announce our new CVRR coach, Neil Holm.  Neil has a tremendous passion for training as those who have attended the pool running workouts will attest.  Neil has agreed to start coaching Sept. 13. 

We are very grateful for Darren Skuja services this past year and in previous years.  We wish him well in his upcoming adventures.  


Riding the excitement of the Rio Olympics, a group of Comox Valley Road Runners had excellent results while competing at the Americas Masters Games held in Vancouver August 27-September 3. The Games gathered more than 5000 of the best masters athletes in the world to compete in a number of events. The local Road Runners contested  the full spectrum of running events with distances ranging anywhere from 100 meters to a half marathon   of 21.1 km.

Run the Rock Marathon, Half & 8K

Looking for a 'tune up' race for your fall marathon or 1/2 marathon main event?   Try the tough Run the Rock race that has both paved and gravel roads with plenty of hills!   You definitely will have bragging rights after doing this race.  If you are not quite up to this challenge, try the net downhill 8 km. race. See you there!

6th Annual

Vancouver Island Trail Series Long Course at Mt. Washington

Looking for a trail race challenge right here in our neighborhood?  The Vancouver Island Trail Series (formerly Gutbusters) has a new long course at Mt. Washington next weekend, August 13th at 10:45 am.  Check out the map on the website. Yes there are hills involved.  The shorter course is also an option. The food at the end of these races makes the hard work all worthwhile.


Three elite Comox Valley Road Runners teamed up with Michael Lax of Victoria to annihilate the Men's National 55-59 4 x 800 meter relay track record. Local athletes Wayne Crowe, Keith Wakelin and Danny Keyes accepted the challenge of their Victoria teammate to attempt to take down the previous National Record of 11:51 at the Christie-Phoenix Insurance Victoria Run Series meet held at the University of Victoria track on July 23.


Comox Valley Road Runners were well represented at the 2016 Vancouver Scotia Bank Half Marathon. The race welcomes many of the top runners in the country to a very competitive field. It was a warm summer's day this year however, making the quest for fast times even more difficult on this challenging 21 km course. Kip Kangoga ran 1:07:03 to lead all racers along a scenic route that started on the UBC campus and wound along Spanish Banks, through Jericho and Kitsilano and over the Burrard street bridge, to finish in front of a cheering crowd gathered in Stanley Park.

Recent Memorable Mentions

Lots of exciting things have been happening with the Comox Valley Road Runners!


Five Comox Valley Road Runners represented the community well as they joined more than two thousand other racers in the 21.1 km First Half Marathon held on Februrary 14 in Vancouver. It was a cold and wet day for racing along a route that included a frigid loop of the Stanley Park Seawall. 

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