CVRR Clothing


CVRR clothing is on sale in limited quantities at the following prices. If you would like to purchase a particular article of clothing, use the order form HERE to help you determine the information that is needed, then email that information to Greg Jones. He will let you know when your item will be available (right away if he has it in stock), how to pay (eTransfer works really well) and how you can pick it up.. New orders from Sugoi will happen subject to demand,

 Jackets: $140120 (current stock 1L, 1XL)      Short sleeve shirts: $35                     
 Toques: $24                                                                                          
          Long sleeve shirts: $43                               Runners Caps (black): $25
Shorts: $42.50
Singlets: $30

To look at or download an order form, click HERE

For more information please contact Greg at