Tuesday Night Track


Jun 15 2021


CVRR Tuesday Training Sessions from April 27th – July 27th, 2021.

Welcome all CVRR runners to the spring and summer training phase. The following posted workouts will emphasize a mix of “strength endurance” (marathon pace runs, tempo runs, hill circuits) and “aerobic power” (5k race pace intervals at 9/10 effort range). Repetition paced workouts are also included (hill running, strides and faster track running 9.5/10 effort) to develop speed and good running mechanics. Please do an easy 10-minute warm-up run with some dynamic drills and an easy cool down run after each session.

These workouts are suitable for both newer runners and experienced running veterans. I often list the number of repeats to do in a session, such as two to five x 5 minutes hard. If you are a newer runner, I would suggest doing less (such as two to three repeats) and build your strength gradually. Experienced runners may choose to do more. I also specify a perceived effort (based on a 1-10 scale) which means how hard to push yourself. For example, a 2 out of 10 effort is very easy, and you can probably talk when running. A 9 out of 10 effort is hard to very hard with strong breathing and talking would be difficult. It is important to run the effort and pace at your current fitness and not try to match people who are currently faster than you. Improvement occurs with proper pacing and adequate rest between sessions.

Although formal group training sessions are currently suspended until further notice due to Covid 19, please feel free to follow the suggested workouts on your own and modify where you feel necessary (workout, location, etc.).

Please feel free and encouraged to email me with any training questions, concerns or issues. Above all…train smart, stay safe and enjoy!

Neil Holm
Club Coach
Email: track3049@gmail.com

· April 27th: Horse Trails Fartlek: 2 x 90 seconds off 90 seconds rest between; 4 x 60 seconds with 60 sec. rest; 4 x 30 sec. with 30 sec. rest; 4 x 15 sec. with 15 sec. rests (8.5-9.5/10 effort) Run relaxed and strong – enjoy as this workout is a good leg speed developer!

· May 4th: Road Tempo runs on Vanier circuit: 15-minute Threshold run; 5 minutes rest; 10-minute Threshold run (8.5/10 effort). Newer runners just do a 15-minute Threshold run; 4 x 15 second strides with 45 second rest.

· May 11th: Track or Road Intervals: 2-5 x 3 minutes at 5 km race pace (9/10 effort) off a 2-minute jog between. Focus on relaxed but strong running!

· May 18th: Tempo & Reps: 15 min Vanier grass fields or road tempo (8.5/10 effort); 5 minutes recovery run; 2-6 x 200 metres on track or road with 30 seconds hard but not full out (9-9.5/10 effort) off 90 seconds – 2 minutes rest between reps.

· May 25th: Horse Trails Fartlek: 30 seconds, 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 4, 3, 2, 1, minutes and 30 seconds at mixed pace (8-9.5/10 effort) with 1 min easy jogs between.

Newer runners to exclude the 4-minute effort. Relax and focus on smooth rhythm!

· June 1st: Cruise Intervals on Dove Creek Road circuit: 2=5 x 5 minutes (8.5/10 effort) off 1 minute rest between; 4 x 15 second strides off 45 seconds; focus on even pacing

· June 8th: 2-5 x 800 metres on track at 5k race pace (9/10 effort) off 2-3 minutes rest or 3-6 x 2 minutes on road or track (9/10 effort) off 90 second jogs for rest.

· June 15th: Strength endurance Vanier hill circuit with 3 efforts per circuit. (1.3 km per loop) 1-5 loops at Tempo/Marathon Pace with pick-ups (7.5-8.5/10 effort) or run for 10-30 minutes at a steady pace while pushing the hills a bit harder (8.5-9/10 effort). There is no rest between circuits so pace yourself carefully!

· June 22nd: Horse trails Fartlek: 2.5 minutes, 5 minutes, 2.5 minutes, 5 minutes, 2.5 minutes (8.5-9.5/10 effort) with 2 minutes of easy running between. Newer runners do just the first 3 efforts.

· June 29th: Vanier Fields Grass Cruise intervals: 2-4 x 5 minutes at 8.5/10 effort/pace off 1-1.5 minutes rest between; 4-6 x 15 second strides on road or track off 45 seconds rests. Run relaxed on the grass – it is a good strength builder!

· July 6th Track or Road Session: (Pyramid) Counting steps at Tempo-Interval pace (15k-3k race pace). (8.5—9.5/10 effort). Example: 10 steps easy, 10 hard, 20 easy, 20 hard up to 100 steps and then back down to 10 steps again. New runners go up to 60 steps (maximum). This is a great variable pace workout!

· July 13th: Blooming Barn (Dove Creek Loop) Progressive Run: 10 minutes 7.5/10 effort; 10 minutes 8/10 effort; 10 minutes 8.5-9/10 effort; 4 x 15 second strides off 45 sec. rest Newer runners reduce the three 10-minute efforts to 7 minutes efforts.

· July 20th: Horse trails Fartlek: 2 x 90 seconds off 90 seconds rest between; 4 x 60 seconds with 60 sec. rest between; 4 x 30 sec. with 30 sec. rest; 4 x 15 sec. with 15 sec. rests. Newer runners can split the number of reps in half (i.e., 2 x 90 sec. becomes 1 x 90 seconds, etc.). Focus on relaxed running as this workout can be deceptive – enjoy!

· July 27th: Vanier School 20-minute Road Tempo run-even paced (8.5/10 effort). Start at beginning of driveway (speedbump) near Headquarters Road and to roundabout and return; 2-6 x 150 metre strides on track or road off 90-120 seconds or more. Run tall, quick, and picking up the pace the last 50 metres but not full out!


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