Vancouver Island Trail Series - Mt Tzouhalem

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Vancouver Island Trail Series - Mt Tzouhalem

Postby Reeder » Sat May 06, 2017 5:36 pm

Wow, what a course! I decided to do Mt.Tzouhalem for the fun of it a few weeks before the event took place. The Gutbuster races on the island are known for the hilly trails and this was a hilly trail! But this short course wasn't nearly as bad as the long course Mt.Washington has imo. The 1st KM was was before the hills begin. Then 3-4 KM's it was nothing but hills. Almost half way in me and 6-7 other people took a "scenic" route and wasted 1-2 and a half minutes going the wrong way. A guy behind us said "Where are you guys going? The route is this way" thank god he said that otherwise we would of ended up on the wrong trail. A person at the front of the pack directed us the wrong way, it's pretty amazing I've been in 5 trail races and in 3 of them i went the wrong way from people in front of me going the wrong way! It's never fun when that waste energy and time. Oh well.We got back to the course and went the right way. It's funny, going up there's a few hills you have to walk up, 1. To save energy and 2. There just to steep to run up. But then running down you have to run fast to save time from walking up earlier. But you have to be slow enough that you don't wipe out! I noticed 2 girls in front of me were being EXTREMELY slow because they didn't wanna fall. But when it was save i passed them because they were going a bit to slow going down hill. I was hoping for 40 minutes and did a little over, 44:21...18th overall, 3rd in age category 20-29. This is a great course (if you don't get lost.) And the food after is great, cheese sandwiches and candy,coffee,pop,fruit...yummm I loved how in this one area when your almost are at the peak you have a amazing view. All though i liked this course... Thetis Lake is still my favorite trail race on the island so far.
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Re: Vancouver Island Trail Series - Mt Tzouhalem

Postby WayneC » Thu May 11, 2017 8:12 pm

Nicely done! Getting lost is part of the "charm" of trail racing I am told.
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