2014 Bazan Bay 5k

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2014 Bazan Bay 5k

Postby BC » Sat Apr 05, 2014 8:46 pm

I went down to the race on Saturday and stayed with brother Jeff. We talked about the race, and both Jeff and girlfriend Nicole ended up deciding to participate. With Doc coming down as well, it turned into quite the Crowe family do! Nice!

Last year I ran 16:45 at Bazan, and since this year I had actually done some speed work as opposed to my ultra training last year, my goal was to match or beat that time. That meant a pace of 3:21 for the race. We got there plenty early and did a good warmup with Doc, probably around 3.5k or so plus some dynamics. Lining up at the start of the race, I squeezed in on the right hand side and had to be careful that I was not pushed over into a signpost on the side of the road. People didn't seem to want to be at the front so I was slotted nicely into the second row. The gun went off and away we went. Immediately things started to open up as the speedsters took off and left some room for the rest of us to spread our elbows (at least I wanted to spread my elbows! :P ) I felt like I was running at a hard but controlled pace. And then at about 800m Byron went by me. Uh oh! Going out faster than Byron is NOT a good plan! 1K was in 3:13. Ouch! Definitely a little rich! Usually I find that the first 1.5k of the 5k is almost a freebie, then there is the hard middle 2.5k, and then final k to the barn is easier again. Feeling how hard I was working at 1k I knew that I might be in trouble.

I kept pushing on and tried to stick with the group around me. I was able to hang on for 2k in 3:26. Reaching the turnaround I was a hurting unit. I wanted to stop and walk. I felt absolutely horrible! I started running with lots of min-surges, alternating between running hard and feeling horrible, and slowing slightly to recover. 3K was 3:29. 4k was 3:30.

With a couple hundred metres to go, Chris Callendar went blasting by me. I had absolutely nothing left to respond with and just carried on at my pace. It was cool to watch him catch up with Byron, and I hoped that they would have a good duel in the sprint as they hit the 100m mark shoulder to shoulder. I had nothing left to give to the sprint, and cruised in with 5k in 3:28 for an overall time of 17:05. My average pace was 3:25.

At first I felt disappointed with what at first seemed like a sub par performance. I feel like I've got some perspective on it now, though. Definitely going out too fast at the start burned me out and I paid the price through the rest of the race. But another major factor was that last year, Bazan was a week before the Chuckanut 50k. So not only was I peaked for Chuckanut, I had also been tapering for two weeks before Bazan. This year I was still in my building phase and had good training week before the race, including Hatley Castle the previous Sunday (postponed due to snow) and a midweek long run of 29k on Wednesday. Obviously there was a lot in my legs before the race even started! Always fun, though, and always a learning experience!
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