5th St. Mile 2014

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5th St. Mile 2014

Postby Kiwi Keith » Tue Jul 01, 2014 10:06 pm

It was another day and another test.
I decided to run the mile after missing 3 of the last 4 years, mainly due to a fear of injury or an aggravation of an existing chronic problem, which I have thoroughly documented elsewhere on this forum, which would not be good only ten days before the Kneeknacker.
I have had continually better results in training within the last 6 weeks, including reintroducing speed work on Tuesday nights. Also I just came off an excellent mountain run on Sunday feeling strong and running at a fairly hard pace for the terrain and running an easy 8k yesterday feeling like I was completely recovered from Sunday.
So I toed the line, looked around and saw the usual suspects, although I was slightly disappointed at the absence of four certain competitors.
The start was good and well controlled maintaining the right pace immediately. It felt just like the 400's last Tuesday where I was running 76 to 77 secs. I quickly calculated that a time of just over 5 mins was possible.
In the 2nd quarter I had gone past the fast starters, including Kevin and Hans and kept the pace rolling. Into the 3rd quarter I began to push a little harder and found myself with a little daylight between me and my pursuers. Somewhere near the beginning of the 4th quarter, two young guys motored past me and caught up to another young guy who was waving to the crowd all the way down. I couldn't go with them but continued to push on the steep downhill towards the bridge. Coming up to the bridge I realized the young guys were coming back to me slightly, so I gave it one last push and managed to power past all three, then one of them came back and pipped me at the line.
It was a great race and felt good about spanking a couple of guys who are 35 years younger!
Afterwards I felt good with hardly any coughing or leg soreness.
My time of 5:06 kinda proves something at age 55. Interestingly it is the exact same time as two years ago.
Once again it was a nice little confidence booster. Now to shift my concentration entirely onto the 30 miler that is the Kneeknacker.
"Aint nothin gonna breaka my stride, I'm running and I won't touch ground, oh no I've got to keep on movin."
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