Run The Rock Texada Marathon 2014

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Run The Rock Texada Marathon 2014

Postby Kiwi Keith » Mon Aug 25, 2014 7:38 am

Having missed last year due to going to Colorado to run Pikes Peak, it was nice to be back on the rock and try to win the marathon for the third time in four years. However I knew the chances were very slim this time as Brad Crowe had entered and as he had recently run 2:46, I figured he had the win sewn up. Also my record of 3:08 was in jeopardy. I knew I wasn't in shape to break my record so the pressure was all on Brad, ha ha ha!
Thank goodness the race started at 7am as we missed the heat of the day. There were 15 starters and right away someone tried to go out with Brad. I sat back and ran with another fellow and by the 2nd k we had passed him. It didn't take long before Brad was out of sight with only small glimpses of him during the first 5k. The guy I was running with tried to make a move on the big hill going up to the 5k mark, but I covered that. I wasn't feeling all that good on the hill with mild lower back ache, but once we got onto the road it faded away.
There was a prize for the most entertaining aid station and the runners voted for their favorites. When we approached the first aid station at 5k there was a table with a jug of water and cups and not a soul in sight. We contemplated pouring our own water, but neither of us wanted to stop, so we kept running and I mentioned that I was not going to vote for that aid station. Soon I had pulled away from the guy and gradually gained ground as the race wore on. At 10k I was handed a cup of water and as I put the cup to my lips, I got a strong whiff of nicotine. I drank the water anyway and tried not to think of the guys fingers in the water.
Because of the big hill in the first 5k, the time was slow but as we headed toward Van Anda and the halfway mark, there was a number of big downhills, so my projected finishing time was coming down from 3:35 to 3:25. I passed halfway in 1:41 and decided the goal was to do a negative split and hopefully go under 3:20. After Van Anda we climbed some hills again and I was feeling pretty good. I looked back when we turned onto the haul road and there was nobody, so I figured 2nd place was secure. I wondered how Brad was going but I had no illusions that I was going to catch him. After I got back onto the highway from the haul road, I increased the pace a bit and found it manageable, so I took advantage of the mainly downhill undulations. Before I knew it I was running into Gilles Bay with about 4k to go. I had brought my projected finishing time down to 3:20-3:21 and decided I wanted to break 3:20. I was still feeling good with no hint of fatigue, so I pushed it up the small hill at 39k. I hit 40k and realized I had to run under 9:30 for the final 2.2k. I increased the pace again and went for it, especially the last k coming down into Shelter Point Park. I ran strongly across the line in 3:19:17 and felt very good. No fatigue or pain. Everything held up including the psoas. I immediately felt good about Victoria in seven weeks and I had achieved what I wanted with this race. My time was only a minute slower than three years ago, so my slow but steady comeback since March is continuing. It was very nice to run a three minute negative split and feel strong in the final 10k.
Brad broke my record easily and set a new standard of 2:56. It was a great run on a difficult course. I'm sure he has the ability to go under 2:40 in a future flatter marathon.
Mary Bridges had an awesome day finishing 4th overall in 3:39, smashing the women's record and gaining confidence for her comeback.
Congrats to all the other runners who ran the rock on a hot day. Hopefully they will have a report of their own. :D
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Re: Run The Rock Texada Marathon 2014

Postby WayneC » Thu Aug 28, 2014 1:29 pm

Nicely done Kiwi. I had a good run myself. The goal was to run a similar time to last year and I reached that by running the same time to the second. Ran with Mike for the first 7 km before he fell off the pace. No pressure to win this year as a young hot shot zipped off the line and was soon out of sight until I saw him at the awards. Had the CVRR boys tracking me down which made for some extra fun. Challenging course and definitely a good training effort. If I can match 1:26 x 2 at Chicago I would be very happy.
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