2014 Eastside 10 Km

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2014 Eastside 10 Km

Postby WayneC » Sat Sep 13, 2014 8:55 pm

I have two words for that. Blah! Ok, that's one word. How about Blah, Blah! Eastside was meant to be a confidence booster four weeks out from Chicago Marathon. It was anything but. Goal time was 37:30.
I had some niggles for some days prior to the race requiring an urgent physio visit on Tuesday prior to racing. It definitely helped and I don't feel that was a significant factor in my performance. I had very little running for the week leading up to the race besides the 35 Km with 15 Km MP 6 days prior where I aggravated my hamstring and glute.(hence the physio) Wellll, maybe that might have had a small effect, I did bike 30- 40 Km daily however and did have more than my usual share of wine and good food for the days leading up to the race. So generally I should have been pretty well rested? Well, maybe.
Ran a 4 Km warmup. As I warmed up the ache in my buttock and hamstring gradually improved. I did my usual dynamics and then slid into the mass of people at the start. I snaked my way to the front where I found Danny and Edmonton friends Simon (first Master) and Makita (first F35-39). Handshakes and hugs all around. Danny and I pledged to stick to "the plan" to get us refocused on the task at hand, and then we were off.
First km was a little downhill and went by quickly in 3:32. Too fast? Next Km I backed off a little. Too slow? Danny pulled up beside me at this point and we had a quick confab about whether we were on pace. Too fast I thought, but 3:48 suggested too slow. I tried to push the pace a little at this point and still ran 3:48 Km 3. Then 2 more Kms at 3:52. Not good. I was working hard and had a long ways to go. Already hanging on and 5 Km left. Danny went by at this stage and I wished him well.#*#*!#**# :evil: ( or something like that).The wheels never fell off, but the pace gradually slowed.
The course was rolling with some small hills here and there. Not tough, but definitely not easy. I kept Danny within reach, but never really had the energy to go after him. The next 5 Km were basically 4 minute pace. Final Km now. Danny was right there for the taking. Here I go! My kick however was more of a crawl and Danny slowly pulled away. A little uphill in 4:08 took me across the line in 39:08. Blah!
So, not a good day. The consolation was that my niggles did not act up and I put in a good effort, in spite of a slow time. Average HR of 157 was more half marathon intensity, which gives me some hope. Let's pray for the power of the taper.
Four weeks to go.
Doc :)
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