CEDAR 2015

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CEDAR 2015

Postby WayneC » Mon Feb 09, 2015 9:31 pm

Well, I had a solid training week and was actually feeling pretty good going into Cedar. Unfortunately I think that my body was still a little tired on race day. Cardio was good, but the legs were heavy, especially on those Cedar hills. Ended up 30 seconds behind the "competition" in my age group. Starting to become a pattern that I soon want to change. The goal was to run 4 minute Kms and I ended up running 4:03, so not too far off. I had 3 pieces of strategy. Number 1: stay behind Roger until at least half way. That worked out perfectly, except the overtaking him in the second half part. He finished 20 seconds in front of me. Number 2: run controlled on the hills and make sure that I ran hard over the top, lengthening out my stride. Well, I got this partly right. The only problem was that my legs felt like lead going up the hills, but I did push over the top. Number 3: sprint at the end. This was kind of difficult on the soft grassy finish at Cedar, but I did my best and was actually under 20 seconds for a change. The goal was sub 48:00. I finished 2nd AG in 48:35. Still work to do. Still not to the point where I am pushing myself. It felt more like a good training run, which is what I wanted with the First Half coming up next weekend. The goal will be to run the same pace for that race. We shall see.
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