Nautical Day 4 mile

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Nautical Day 4 mile

Postby mikebridges » Mon Aug 01, 2016 1:29 pm

Had a great week of training, Around 140k for the last 7 days. I was perhaps a little tired but didn't want any excuses, just results. Last year I ran 23:39 good for 9th. This year I was looking to try to push a 3:30 pace ( last year 3:43 pace). Perhaps a little bit optimistic but set the bar high. I drove the course in the morning setting out the Race in Progress signs so I refreshed myself with what was to come. At the start of the race I saw lots of great competition. A double edged sword, Lots of great runners to push you but if you want to be in the hunt you were going to have to work for it. No slacking off today. I situated myself right up at the front beside Neil, Derek, Craig and Robin knowing they would be gunning for top spots.
The count down begins and we are off. It felt really quick off the start and I am back in about 15th or 20th. I was thinking to myself if all these people keep this pace up I am in real trouble. After the first 500m I start to pass a few people. I see Jerry and Vince up ahead of me. I scan the backs of the runners in front of me looking for Stephan. We were both looking to run around the same time and he was going to take it out hard. I finally spot him 30m ahead. He is looking strong and I have a moment of fear and doubt. This is going to have to hurt a lot more then I want it to if I want to be in the mix. I tell myself just settle in, try to relax your breathing which is already sounding loud and strained, and we haven't even hit the first k yet or any hills. I pass Jerry and position myself close to Neil and Vince. I go through the first K in 3:25. A little quicker then my 3:30 goal pace and 10 seconds faster then last year. I am working but feeling good. I hit the 2nd K in 3:40 as we are into the first hill climb. I have passed Vince and run right beside Neil as we climb the hill to the top. I see Stephan 15m or so ahead of me but he is not turning down the hill onto Noel. I yell at him to stop and turn as he is going the wrong way. Luckily he hears and stops and back tracks. As Neil and I descend down Noel Stephan has to do a little extra work to get back in front of us. I go passes the 3rd K in 3:36 and start sizing up the up hill grind to the fire hall. Neil and Stephan are in front of me running together. The gap is not huge but I have to make sure I don't let it get bigger. K4 is 3:48 but I never looked at my watch. I am now on the Anderson downhill I look at my watch at K5. It says 3:44. I am slightly disappointed and a little discouraged. I thought it would be faster and the gap is a little wider. Neil and Stephan make the turn onto the home stretch, less then one K to go. I am working pretty hard the gap seams about the same. My watch beeps I look at K6 and it is 3:15. That gives me a little lift I start to close on them but just did not push enough. In the end Neil finishes 22:26 Stephan 22:29 and I am 22:30 and finish in 6th overall. For a cool down I run the course backwards to hook up with my Daughter Charley who is running the race. I run the last K with her. She is looking pale and labouring hard. I tell her she is doing great. Then like all great dads I tell her if she pushes hard she can catch that lady in front of her with 100m to go. She responds digs deep and runs her down passes her just before the finish line then proceeds to throw up three times. I look at her and smile and tell myself, If only I had ran that hard at the end I would have passed Stephan and Neil. Next time I am going to pull a Charley :D
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Re: Nautical Day 4 mile

Postby WayneC » Tue Aug 02, 2016 9:19 am

Great race Mike! And Charlie! You both have that competitive fire in you. No doubt you would have been faster with a taper, but hey, not was not the purpose of this race. It's all in the plan.
See you tonight.
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