Mount Washington Trail Race.

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Mount Washington Trail Race.

Postby mikebridges » Sat Aug 13, 2016 5:06 pm

Sometimes I question my better judgement, or lack there of.
I woke up at 5:30am, on the trampoline. My daughter wanted me to sleep on the trampoline with her. I soon discovered muscles that I did not know that i had, as they were stiff and sore. I thought this might not have been the best thing to do the night before the Mount washington trail race. I moved like a man twice my age and crawled into bed for a few hours of rest before the race.
I arrived up the mountain by 9:30am ready to race and feeling better then I did at 5:30. I did a short warm up with Wille and Stephan and was at the start line just before 10:45. The race got under way and I was off to a good start. It didn't take long however for my breathing to increase along with my heart rate. I roughly figured I was in the top ten within the first few hundred meters. I told myself don't panic, lots of climbing to go. As my watch beeped indicating 1k down I stole a glance and noticed that the pace was just under 6 min. I thought this was right where I needed to be. I soon passed a younger runner and kept looking forward towards the leaders. I hit 2k and thought, wow, only 2k. 12 more to go, what was I thinking. I passed on more runner as we just kept climbing. I was trying to control my breathing but the climbing was making this difficult. On some of the steep pitch I walked. My heart rate and breathing was elevated even when I was walking. I could feel my quads getting tired. Finally I reached the summit. Not even half way done. Stephan was not far a head of me but took a wrong turn and I was able to get in front of him. I told him I was hurting and he could or should pass me. He told me he would at the water stop just down the trail and around the corner. As we hit the aid station I was feeling a little better on the downhill. I just let my legs go and was soon racing down the hill with a controlled reckless abandonment. I soon put a lot of distance between myself and Stephan and ended up catching the next person and soon put distance on him. At the start of the race I was regretting the downhill but now I was glad for it.
Soon this was all about to change. On the second loop we took a different trail. Actually a more accurate description would be a straight up insane climb. I was on my hands, almost crawling at times. My large lead over Stephan quickly evaporated. I was thinking this is ridiculous. I wanted to stop and rest my quads and catch my breath. This k ended up taking over 18 mins. 18 mins!!!! I was pretty tired by the time the top of the mountain was reached. I was sweating profusely. I had enough in the tank to push hard on the down hill and finished strong. I was sweating so much that my heart rate strap slipped down and for the last 2k I was wearing it around my waist. I finished in a time of 1:28:17. Good enough to win my age group and place me around 5th overall. All and all a good race. Lets see how much I have in my legs for tomorrows long run.
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Re: Mount Washington Trail Race.

Postby Reeder » Sat Aug 13, 2016 7:30 pm

Wow nice job Bridges! That's so true about the second climb. It was amazingly difficult, i was on all fours climbing that hill. And there was a bees nest somewhere in the, looking forward to more race reports. 8)
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Re: Mount Washington Trail Race.

Postby WayneC » Thu Aug 18, 2016 11:18 am

Sounds like fun. Sorry I missed it. :wink:
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