Bear Mountain 10k - Victoria

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Bear Mountain 10k - Victoria

Postby Reeder » Thu Nov 24, 2016 9:56 pm

---Overview--- Wow what a hilly race! I was going into this race and thinking 'Most challenging race in Canada' bring it on and the name lives up to it. The first hill was the peak of elevation around 360 ish meters...but if your a trail racer and climbed Mt. Washington or something similar to that this race isn't has bad as those imo. But being on a hard surface like a golf course can be tough at times...that's where the Bear Mountain course is.
---Race Morning--- So i woke up at 6:45 at race morning, my family and i stayed at Bear Mountain resort since we didn't want to drive all the way to Vic the day of and since they had a deal on rooms because of the race we decided to take it. I ordered room service and had fresh bagels and brought my own cliff bars and had orange juice/coffee. The race started maybe 2kms away from the hotel, that was a huge bonus staying at the hotel! Half Marathon started at 9:00 So me and my family walked there and watched the crazy half marathoners start (this was the last year for the bear mountain half marathon.) Then the 10k started half an hour later (9:30) but it was actually delayed by roughly 15-20 minutes because the race director heard there was a car crash on Malahat (the highway that goes into Vic/Langford) so he wanted to wait a bit to see if more people showed up (which there were.) It gave me more time to warm up a bit. I really wanted to do a PB (Personal best) time and beat my 46:57 that i did during Mother's day in Parksville. I knew if i ran a good pace i would probably beat it. I decide to line up close to the front so i could see the runners at the front (i never do at races but i wanted to do a good time.) I saw Jim Finlayson, he ended up being the winner of the 10k.
---Start of the 10k race--- The race starts and i'm feeling great. I paced myself well first few kms, i did around 4:37 pace first km and then did 4:38 second KM. I saw the elevation map a week before the race so i knew the climb at the end of 2km/start of 3km was the big hill. I ended up doing a long and brutal 5:00 km pace on that Km. I knew i had to run a faster pace on the other hills that were less long but seemed more steep. I did pretty well on those hills surprisingly! I did between 4:45-4:40 paces. You can start to hear the announcer at the 8km mark which was nice. A little motivation! I get to the finish line and the time was 47:08, i was happy i finished but sad i wasn't able to beat my time. I ended up 31/363 and 3rd out of 7 in my division which brought up my spirit a little. This race is super fun and very rewarding! I recommend doing it if you have the time and money. You could also do it in a long day trip if you don't want to stay at hotels.
My next race is the good old island series, i'm registered and hopefully i can carpool with some Road Runners! This will be my first island series and looking forward to it. My plans now are to get into the best shape possible and do workouts at Lewis Center...happy racing all! :D :D
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Re: Bear Mountain 10k - Victoria

Postby WayneC » Sat Nov 26, 2016 10:12 am

Nicely done!! Definitely sounds like a punishing race. I am sure you would have crushed your PB on a flat course. I see a great series coming up.
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