Advice regarding injuries and medical problems related to running. (NOTE: Always check with your own health care professional)

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I am currently dealing with a calcaneal stress fracture. These are notes from a lecture given at the Vancouver Sun Run Medical Symposium by Dr. Rob Drapala

Overuse injury from repetitive stress. Most likely due to a training error. Might be small load with large reps or large load with small reps.
Risk Factors include: History of prior stress fractures,
Substantial increase in physical activity,
low level of physical fitness,
Female gender and menstrual irregularity,
Low BMI (<21)
Poor bone health,
dietary disorders (low calcium intake, eating disorder)
Poor running biomechanics.
History is typically an insidious onset of localized pain with localized tenderness to the bone.
Diagnosis can sometimes be made on a plain xray. The MRI is the best test, but a nuclear bone scan is easier to get.
Pain control. Ice, Tylenol, (limit use) Avoid NSAIDs like ibuprofen, as they have been shown to delay healing.
Activity modification (cycling, pool running, Alter G, possibly elliptical if does not cause pain)
Limit weight bearing. Consider walking boot/crutches/brace if unable to walk without pain.
Correct biomechanical problems.
Calcium (1500mg) and Vitamin D (1000IU) Vitamin K2 170-200 mcg helps the absorption of calcium into the bones and prevents the cardiac risks of excessive calcium supplementation.
A newer treatment is Exogen, an expensive device that may aid bone healing.
Start walk/run program when pain free x 7 days and able to pass a test of hopping up and down pain free. (hop test)
A key is to ease back into activity and to address the factors that contributed to the injury in the first place.
There is a 12 % chance of recurrence in the first year after a stress fracture, :shock: so caution is the key.
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