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CVRR Tuesday Training Sessions until December 10th, 2019

Welcome CVRR runners. We are now into the fall training plan which will focus mainly on strength/endurance with some repetition (hill running) to develop speed and good running mechanics. Whether or not you have racing in your plans these workouts are aimed to develop the different energy systems to improve performance and enjoyment in your running. Please do an easy run for warm-up and be ready to start at 5:10 pm.

• September 24th: Horse trails fartlek (1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1 minute hard off 1 minute easy) (8-9/10 effort)
• October 1st: Cruise Intervals on Blooming Barn road circuit: 3-5 x 5 minutes off 1 min. recovery.  (8-8.5/10 effort); 4 x 10-15 second strides off 45 sec. rest
• October 8th: Grass Intervals Vanier fields: (2-6 x 750 metres at Interval pace off 2-3 minutes easy (approximately 5 km race pace) or (8.5-9/10 effort).
• October 15th: Cruise Intervals on Glacier Road circuit: 2-5 x 1200 metres at T pace (comfortably hard @ 8-8.5/10 effort) 1.5-2 minutes recovery: 4x 15 sec. strides.
• October 22nd: Grass Intervals Vanier fields: 2-5 x 1000 metres at I pace (8.5-9/10 effort) with 3 minutes rest between.
• October 29th: Track Intervals: 2-5 x 800 metres at Interval pace off 3 minutes rest (8.5/9 effort). Splits will be provided.
• November 5th: Tempo & hills: 15 min road tempo (8.5/10 effort); 2-4 x 40 second hills with walk down for recovery. (Vanier school road and hill).
• November 12th: Strength endurance hill circuit with 3 efforts per circuit. (1.3 km per loop) 1-4 loops at Tempo/Marathon Pace with pick-ups (7.5-8/10 effort)
• November 19th: Track Session:  running by counting steps at Tempo -Interval pace. (8-9/10 effort). Example: 10 steps easy, 10 hard, 20 easy, 20 hard up to 90 steps and then down towards 10 steps again. A fun workout with good volume!
• November 26th: Tempo & hills: 18 min road tempo 8/10 effort); 2-5 x 40 second hills (Rep pace @ 9.5/10 effort) with walk down for recovery.
 December 3rd: Strength endurance hill circuit with 3 efforts per circuit. (1.3 km per loop) 1-4 loops at Tempo/Marathon Pace with pick-ups (7.5-8/10 effort).
• December 10th: Track session (3-8 x 400 metres at Interval pace off 60-90 seconds rest. (9/10 effort or about 5k race pace). Splits will be provided.

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Please note that the following runs may or may not be CVRR sponsored. This information is given with the understanding that you participate at your own risk.

CVRR sponsored runs will require the signing of a waiver. If you are a CVRR member, you signed this waiver when you joined the club.
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