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CVRR Tuesday Training Sessions- June 2nd - August 18th, 2020

Welcome CVRR runners to the summer training sessions. The focus will be on building strength endurance mixed in with speedwork to keep those legs moving. We can build a stronger, more injury resistant body with strength endurance training which then allows us to handle the faster running. Above all, be patient, do not force the running but take your time and hurry slowly! Please be warmed-up and ready to go by 5:10 pm. Also please remember to socially distance yourself from others when at these session by at least 2 metres apart.

• June 2nd: Horse trails fartlek: 2 x 90 seconds; 4 x 60 seconds; 4 x 30 seconds; 4 x 15 sec. off equal recoveries (i.e., 60 seconds hard then 60 seconds easy). 8-9.5/10 effort.
• June 9th: Dove Creek Cruise Intervals: 2-5 x 5 min. at Tempo pace (comfortably hard: 8.5/10 effort off 60-90 seconds rest; 4 x 15 second strides off 45 seconds rest.
• June 16th: Track Session; 2-5 x 800 metres off 2-3 minutes rest at 5 km race pace (splits will be provided) (9/10 effort)
 June 23rd: Vanier field grass Intervals: 2-4 x 2 laps at Tempo pace off 1-2 minutes rest (8.5/10 effort – comfortably hard) 4 x 15 second strides off 45 seconds rest.
• June 30th: Horse Trails Fartlek: 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1 minute hard off 1 minute easy (8-9.5/10 effort).
 July 7th: Vanier School Road Tempo: 15 minutes at Tempo pace (comfortably hard @ 8.5/10 effort); 4-6 x 200 metres on track at Rep pace (9.5/10) Splits provided.
 July 14th: Track Session: 3-8 x 400 metres at 5 km race pace off 1-2 minutes rest. Splits will be provided (9/10 effort).
• July 21st: Horse Trails INS & OUTS: 60 seconds hard off 60 seconds easy x 8-12 repeats (8-9.5/10 effort).
 July 28th: Glacier Road Cruise Intervals: 2-5 x 1200 metres at Tempo pace (8.5/10 effort) off 1-2 minutes rest; 4 x15 second strides on grass off 45 seconds rest.
• August 4th: Vanier grass field fartlek: 75 seconds hard off 45 seconds easy x 6-10 repeats (9-9.5/10 effort) 5 race pace or a bit faster.
• August 11th: Dove Creek Loop steady 20-minute Tempo run (8.5/10 effort); 4 x 15 second strides off 45 seconds.
• August 18th: 2-5 x 600 metres at 3-5 km race pace off 3-4 minutes rest; 2-5 x 150 metre strides increasing pace every 50 metres but not full out. Focus on form! Splits provided.


CVRR 5K Fun Run (2020)

The 5K Fun Run is cancelled.

If you would like to run it virtually through Strava, go to  https://www.strava.com/clubs/595566


Comox Valley RV Half Marathon 2020 - CANCELLED!


If you would like to run this race virtually through Strava, go to the following:
Join the club: https://www.strava.com/clubs/594381
Join the event: https://www.strava.com/clubs/594381/group_events/676494

CVRR Group Run information

Group runs are now restarting. Distancing protocols and other new rules are in effect. Contact the indicated persons for more information.

Please note that the following runs may or may not be CVRR sponsored. This information is given with the understanding that you participate at your own risk.

Run4Fun Kids 2020 is a GO!

Run4Fun 2020 will bring back the 8 week running-in-nature programme for kids between the ages of 7 and 14, taking place at various parks in the area, on Wednesday evenings starting September 9, 2020.
Runners will participate together , or break into smaller groups when appropriate. They will be encouraged to keep track of their distances as a means of monitoring their accomplishments and relative improvement. 
As more information becomes available, it will be posted here, as well as available in pamphlet form.

CVRR Member Made Videos

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