Benefits Of Being A CVRR Member

Discounts at local businesses - just another benefit of being a CVRR member!


Contact Equilibrium Lifestyle Management HERE 

The CVRR is pleased to announce ELM’s offer of a 10% discount for CVRR members for the following products:

Sarah Seads is providing 10% off Program Punch Cards and Individual Assessments – Kinesiology Assessments, Running Analysis, Body Composition, and Fitness Testing

This discount is available to current CVRR members only. Look to the email to membership for code.


Contact Rawthentic Eatery HERE 

The CVRR is pleased to announce Rawthentics Eatery is offering a 10% discount on all food orders to all current CVRR members.


Contact Extreme Runners HERE

Extreme Runners is implementing a new loyalty points system. Every dollar spent in store will be a point. When customers have accumulated enough points they will receive in-store credit. As a CVRR member you will accumumlate double points with every purchase. 


Comox Valley Fit Chiropractic 

Fit Chiropractic is a 10% discount off of any products they sell.

This discount is available to current CVRR members only. Dr. Derek Vinge is one of CVRR's premier runners.


Contact Fitness Excellence HERE 

Fitness Excellence offers all CVRR members 15% off fees.