The Cumby Trail Race is in its second year following a successful inaugural race in May 2016. With enthusiasm and interest expressed from many racers on Vancouver Island and beyond, the Comox Valley Road Runners are set to host an Ultra – 50 km race in addition to the original 23 km race in the Cumberland Hills on May 13, 2017. We anticipate sold out registration capping at 400 runners. This race is quickly becoming a destination race for the trail racing community. Net proceeds from the 2016 Cumby of $9000.00 were donated to the Cumberland Community Forest Society (CCFS) and we hope to surpass our support with the 2017 Cumby.

Registration opens on December 1st.  Don't miss your spot to represent the Comox Valley Road Runners.

Friday, November 25, 2016 - 15:03
Peak is coming back to Courtenay December 10, 11 to do testing again.  It will be a great time to assess your most efficient  zones for getting the most out of your running and biking by measuring lactate levels and gas exchange.  There is also data regarding fueling at different paces that is very useful.  For those who have tested previously it will show you how your current training has impacted on your zones. 
There will be assessments done on the Saturday Dec 10th and a debriefing on Dec 11 which will explain your results as well as give tips on hydration, nutrition and strength training.  There is sometimes an opportunity to test Friday evening as well.  You can test with running, biking or both (for a slight extra charge).  This will be a great time to assess your current level of fitness and to find your current effective training zones. 
Please connect with Peak at ASAP if you are interested.  There are a limited number of spots.  They are offering a discounted rate of $135 for Lactate testing and $185 for full VO2 max testing if you book before November 4.  The price will go up to $155/$205 for booking late, if there is still space available.  This is definitely worth doing. 

Their web site is .  You can check it out for examples of testing. Sign up now. Please also let me know you are signing up so I can keep track of the numbers
See you there. 
Wednesday, October 5, 2016 - 19:04

It is with great pleasure I announce our new CVRR coach, Neil Holm.  Neil has a tremendous passion for training as those who have attended the pool running workouts will attest.  Neil has agreed to start coaching Sept. 13. 

We are very grateful for Darren Skuja services this past year and in previous years.  We wish him well in his upcoming adventures.  

Tuesday night track is held every Tuesday throughout the year at 5:10 pm. We meet at the Vanier Track (corner of Vanier and Headquarters Rds.).   We lead out with dynamics (warm up) and then the work out gets under way at 5:30 pm.   The session lasts about an hour with interval repeats totaling 5-6 km.conducted on the track in the winter and on the track, trails and roads the other months of the year. The only prerequisite is you should be able to run 5 km continuously.  The distance can be modified for those wishing a shorter workout.

Workouts appear before Tuesday of each week on our web home page. For details on track see /tuesday-track.

We look forward to Neil’s enthusiastic style and expect we will all have fun working towards the various goals we set for ourselves.


                                                                         Roslyn Smith, President CVRR


Wednesday, September 14, 2016 - 22:24

Riding the excitement of the Rio Olympics, a group of Comox Valley Road Runners had excellent results while competing at the Americas Masters Games held in Vancouver August 27-September 3. The Games gathered more than 5000 of the best masters athletes in the world to compete in a number of events. The local Road Runners contested  the full spectrum of running events with distances ranging anywhere from 100 meters to a half marathon   of 21.1 km.

The opening day of the competition included a 10 km road race running loops on the UBC campus. The race was dominated by CVRR with Vince Brotherstone finishing 2nd overall and winning the  Silver medal in the M5054 age group in a time of 35:58. He was followed closely by Mike Bridges, 4th overall and Gold medalist in the M4549 age group in 37:02. The next Road Runner was Danny Keyes, 13th overall and Silver in M5559 in a time of 41:27. He was followed closely by Wayne Crowe, 15th overall and Gold in M6064 in 41:41. The local runners were not done yet as Bridges and Crowe raced in the 800 meter event only three hours later. Although not qualifying for the finals, they ran excellent races on tired legs finishing in 2:24, 4th and 2:36, 6th, respectively. They were joined by Keith Wakelin who ran a great race, finishing in a season's best of 2:29 and 5th M5559.  After a short rest Crowe then tackled his third event of the day, fighting off fatigue to qualify for the final of the 400 meter race with a time of 71 seconds. With “fresher legs” in the final the next day he managed to lower his time to 70 seconds and finished 6th in the 6064 AG. He was joined by Wakelin who fnished 5th in M5559 with a very fast 65 sec.

CVRR also represented well in the 5000 meter race on the track with Bridges, Keyes and Crowe all winning Silver medals in times of 17:52, 19:47 and 20:14.

Danny Keyes had fun testing his speed in the 100 meters against the big boys, including runners from Jamaica and the USA. He ran a fast time of 15.3 seconds but unfortunately was not quick enough to qualify for the finals.

In one of the most entertaining events of the week, Keith Wakelin set a BC provincial record in the 3000 meter steeplechase. In this event the runners complete 7 ½ loops of the 400 meter track, each of which has four 36 inch barriers as well as a water hazard to jump over. It is an event that requires skill, speed and endurance. Wakelin shattered the record in his first ever steeplechase and earned a Silver medal with an excellent time of 13:19. Wakelin concluded a very successfull meet by joining a team that took down the M5559 4x800 meter record with a time of 9:54. It was bittersweet however, as he was a member of the previous record setting team which included Keyes and Crowe.

The final running event of the Games was the Half Marathon, a 21.1 km road race that tested the endurance of the local runners who had already completed a number of events earlier in the week. In spite of this, Bridges, Keyes and Crowe all added to the CVRR total with  Silver medals for their efforts in times of 1:24:50, 1:30:44 and 1:31:41.

On a special note, local husband wife team Chad and Carlene Van Tongeren also competed in the track events. Chad took home Silver in the M3540 AG 400 meters in 54:06 and Carlene the Gold in W3540 1500 meters in 5:00:73.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016 - 20:38

Three elite Comox Valley Road Runners teamed up with Michael Lax of Victoria to annihilate the Men's National 55-59 4 x 800 meter relay track record. Local athletes Wayne Crowe, Keith Wakelin and Danny Keyes accepted the challenge of their Victoria teammate to attempt to take down the previous National Record of 11:51 at the Christie-Phoenix Insurance Victoria Run Series meet held at the University of Victoria track on July 23. Race director Christopher Kelsall did an excellent job to make sure that all of the necessary details were looked after so that the record attempt would be valid, including precise measuring of the handoff zone and the presence of officials from BC Athletics to oversee the race. A muggy hot evening with a stiff breeze on the back-straight awaited the athletes as they began their preparations and warm ups for the upcoming task. 
The 4 x 800 meter relay requires a blend of speed, endurance, precise timing and  the guts to endure the burning pain of lactic acid buildup in tired legs. These were all on display as each runner put in everything they had to make this day successful. All of the athletes came into the race dealing with injuries that hampered training and threatened to hamper race performance. Such is the curse of being a competitive Masters racer. The outcome was uncertain until the last runner safely crossed the finish line. 
In this event each athlete races two laps of a 400 meter track and then passes a baton to the next racer. Each baton pass must occur within a designated zone on the track with automatic disqualification for any transgression. Precise passing of the baton is crucial as dropping it would result in lost time and the potential of missing their goal. The race is over when the baton crosses the finish line. 
Keith Wakelin was the lead-off runner for the record challengers. Any thoughts of recent knee surgery were quickly forgotten as the starter's gun banged and he began sprinting two loops of the track, well ahead of record pace, to the screams of the fans and his teammates. He then smoothly thrust the baton into the waiting hand of Wayne Crowe who was quickly accelerating through the exchange zone. Crowe firmly gripped the baton and moved swiftly around  the track with onlookers and teammates urging him on. He pushed through a niggling hamstring injury, to pass the baton into the welcoming hand of Michael Lax within the crucial exchange zone, even further below record time. Lax took off with speed that surprised even himself. Any hint of the limp he exhibited earlier in the evening had vanished and he ran like a man possessed, further adding to the assault on the soon to be forgotten record. The final runner was Danny Keyes, who eagerly awaited his turn to anchor the attack on this epic challenge. Keyes blasted out of the exchange zone, baton safely secured in his right hand, with only one thought in mind, to bury this record so low that any other future challengers would think long and hard before attempting it. Keyes ignored his painful Achilles as he raced towards the finish, with a  determination that shut out everything except for the task at hand. A look of pain and ecstasy came over his face as he sprinted the last meters toward his screaming teammates at the finish line. Then came the announcement blasting over the loudpspeakers, “NEW CANADIAN RECORD in a time of 10:15:12”. The challenge had been met, and the record was crushed in the process. In spite of the hurdles they faced, every team member performed to the highest level and are rightly proud to be Canadian record holders. When asked how the team had managed to so spectacularly succeed in their quest Wakelin simply stated, “muscle memory, adrenaline, teamwork, and of course, spikes”.

The next challenge for our local runners will be when they join an estimated 10,000 other athletes at the upcoming America's Mastes Games to be held in Vancouver, beginning August 27. There they will take on some of the best in the world as they race in a number of events ranging from 100 meters to Half Marathon and another national record attempt in the 4 x 400 meter event. On the local scene, the Comox Nautical Days Four Miler will take place on August 1

Tuesday, July 26, 2016 - 06:52

Comox Valley Road Runners were well represented at the 2016 Vancouver Scotia Bank Half Marathon. The race welcomes many of the top runners in the country to a very competitive field. It was a warm summer's day this year however, making the quest for fast times even more difficult on this challenging 21 km course. Kip Kangoga ran 1:07:03 to lead all racers along a scenic route that started on the UBC campus and wound along Spanish Banks, through Jericho and Kitsilano and over the Burrard street bridge, to finish in front of a cheering crowd gathered in Stanley Park. Adriana Nelson was the first woman in a finishing time of 1:14:35.

CVRR runners used this event as part of their preparation towards their goals of fast Fall marathons. They were lead by Mike Bridges who has established himself as one of the top runners in the Comox Valley. He showed he is on the right path by finishing 57th overall and 8th in the M4044 age group in a time of 1:25:14. He was followed closely by national elite masters runner Les Disher who demolished the field in the M6569 age group by 20 minutes with a gold medal winning time of 1:27:04. Also on the podium were Danny Keyes, M5559 and Wayne Crowe M6064 who had solid runs of 1:30:24 and 1:31:16 respectively to take home bronze medals in their age groups. Roger Palmondon also had a great run and was hot on Crowe's heels with a time of 1:31:24 and 4th M5559.

Sunday, July 3, 2016 - 08:11
Lots of exciting things have been happening with the Comox Valley Road Runners!

At last week’s Thursday night trail (TNT) run Lene Curts (owner of Extreme Runners on 5th Street) was recognized for her significant contributions to the community over the years. Yes, she helps people find the perfect pair of shoes, but more importantly Lene is super passionate about promoting community events and sharing her knowledge and experience with others.  

Also, ‘The Cumby’ trail race on May 28th raised $9000 for the Cumberland Community Forest Society (CCFS), and CVRR presented it to the board members on Tuesday evening after a sports centre track workout and solstice BBQ.  The CCFS is making a final drive towards the purchase of the Space Nugget portion of the forest.  You can find more information on the CCFS website at and you can make a donation there as well. 


Thursday, June 23, 2016 - 20:09

Here we are! The number one running club on the Island. Yup, thatʼs right. The Comox Valley Road Runners won the Frontrunners Island Race Series, crushing (in a friendly way) the Prairie Inn Harriers of Victoria (who had not lost to anyone since 2002) by 261 points. We had 34 members lace up their shoes for this very auspicious 10K race in Sooke yesterday; some were running injured, some hadnʼt raced in a year...or more!...a couple of non running spouses walked the course for the points and one of us, our Diane Palmason, came simply to run in her late Ernieʼs shoes. There is a big story there so donʼt hesitate to ask one of us, it will make you shiver :-)

What is it that makes a running team great? Is it long legs, big lungs, youth and money? One look at this motley crew and you understand that itʼs pride, determination and a common goal that binds it together. We had 66 members, just over half the club, come out to some, one or all of the 7 contests in the series from January through to April. This is an excellent ratio showing how involved and vibrant CVRR is. These runs are addictive, I know because I agreed to come to “just one” and there I am smiling in the photo of my 4th. Do you have to be fast to enjoy these events? Absolutely not! They are specifically designed to get everybody on the Island racing. Donʼt feel like youʼd “fit in” ? ... really? Do we not look friendly to you? Join us next year for the 2017 Series because, as one of my running buddies put it, “ We have a well deserved target on our backs now”. Itʼs still a great feeling being first though

Cheers; Leslie Dargie

Monday, April 4, 2016 - 10:20
Rain or shine? Both! 552 runners showed up for the annual Bazan Bay 5 km road race in Sidney on Sunday March 6th and were welcomed with intervals of rain, wind and sunshine. The race started amidst a torrential downpour, but by the 2.5 km turnaround it was starting to clear, and racers and spectators alike enjoyed sunshine at the finish line. Comox Valley Road Runners had 21 runners participating, running alongside runners from all over the island and some from Vancouver and beyond.

It was absolutely incredible to see the variety of people out for this race! Running is for all ages and abilities, and, like many others sports, brings people together from different cultures and communities. Doing a race is not just about our times and how we placed. A race is about the car ride with other runners that you don’t always get a chance to see.   A race is about the volunteers that are dancing in the parking lot when you arrive, or cheering you on out on the course. A race is about making new friends and bumping into old ones. Going to a race is also about post-race random adventures with friends to downtown Vic to eat yummy food and enjoy being a tourist - even if just for a couple hours.

Sunday’s Bazan Bay 5k also represented the two-week countdown to the Comox Valley Half Marathon on Sunday March 20th. Each year the CVRR half marathon brings about 500 people out to run the beautiful Courtenay countryside course along Condensory, Dove Creek and Burns Roads, starting and finishing at the Florence Filberg Centre. Please visit to register if you haven’t already!

Thank you kindly,


Sunday, March 13, 2016 - 17:57

On Sunday February 21st,  393 Runners took on the steep hills and challenging trails of the beautiful and historic Royal Roads University Campus at the annual Hatley Castle 8K in Colwood.

Despite the forecast calling for rain, it managed to hold off until all runners had finished.

Comox Valley Road Runners had a strong showing of 16 finishers in the race with Kevin Park posting the fastest time of 30:32, good enough for 5th in the men's 30-34 age category.

Mike Bridges was close behind, earning 2nd in men's 45-49.

Several club members earned the top spot in their age categories, including Danny Keyes (M55-59), Wayne Crowe (M60-64), Les Disher (M65-69), and Marion Bryan taking the win in F40-44. 

Notable mentions are Scott Prager who's been improving by leaps and bounds to get himself a 3rd place spot in the M50-54, Keith Wakelin 3rd (M50-59), and Ken Richardson with 3rd (M70-74).

Congratulations to all participants in the race that made the trip down. You represented the Comox Valley well!

With 4 races completed and 3 races remaining in the 2016 VIRA Island Series, CVRR is sitting in 2nd place in the overall club standings, and only getting stronger, though Nanaimo’s Bastion Running Club is trailing close behind!

The next race is the Bazan Bay 5K in Sidney on March 6th. Let's hope for good weather and fast times there as well!

You don't have to race to join the Comox Valley Road runners... It's a great social group and fitness club too!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 - 20:43