Clothing Alert

For a limited time only, Sugoi is offering us the opportunity to purchase individual clothing items at bulk purchase cost.
So in other words, we can order just 1 or 2 items at last year's bulk price. So now is the time to place your order for that jacket, T , singlet, pair of shorts etc. just in time for Xmas & the Island Race Series.
Presently in stock are a # of Arm Warmers ( perfect for the fall season), Sexy Shorts!!, 1 Women's, Small  T, only 2Men's Singlets & 2 Jackets (XL & XXL).
There are also a # of Ball Caps (both Black & White).
Due to the incredible popularity of the new CVRR toques, an order for an additional 50 will be placed shortly.
Please contact me; Mary Ann at ASAP if interested in purchasing any of the items in stock and/or in placing an order for any one of the items listed above.
Remember Xmas is just around the corner & CVRR gear make great gifts for that special runner in your life!!