Announcement of New CVRR Coach

It is with great pleasure I announce our new CVRR coach, Neil Holm.  Neil has a tremendous passion for training as those who have attended the pool running workouts will attest.  Neil has agreed to start coaching Sept. 13. 

We are very grateful for Darren Skuja services this past year and in previous years.  We wish him well in his upcoming adventures.  

Tuesday night track is held every Tuesday throughout the year at 5:10 pm. We meet at the Vanier Track (corner of Vanier and Headquarters Rds.).   We lead out with dynamics (warm up) and then the work out gets under way at 5:30 pm.   The session lasts about an hour with interval repeats totaling 5-6 km.conducted on the track in the winter and on the track, trails and roads the other months of the year. The only prerequisite is you should be able to run 5 km continuously.  The distance can be modified for those wishing a shorter workout.

Workouts appear before Tuesday of each week on our web home page. For details on track see /tuesday-track.

We look forward to Neil’s enthusiastic style and expect we will all have fun working towards the various goals we set for ourselves.


                                                                         Roslyn Smith, President CVRR