Peak Testing Courtenay December 10

Peak is coming back to Courtenay December 10, 11 to do testing again.  It will be a great time to assess your most efficient  zones for getting the most out of your running and biking by measuring lactate levels and gas exchange.  There is also data regarding fueling at different paces that is very useful.  For those who have tested previously it will show you how your current training has impacted on your zones. 
There will be assessments done on the Saturday Dec 10th and a debriefing on Dec 11 which will explain your results as well as give tips on hydration, nutrition and strength training.  There is sometimes an opportunity to test Friday evening as well.  You can test with running, biking or both (for a slight extra charge).  This will be a great time to assess your current level of fitness and to find your current effective training zones. 
Please connect with Peak at ASAP if you are interested.  There are a limited number of spots.  They are offering a discounted rate of $135 for Lactate testing and $185 for full VO2 max testing if you book before November 4.  The price will go up to $155/$205 for booking late, if there is still space available.  This is definitely worth doing. 

Their web site is .  You can check it out for examples of testing. Sign up now. Please also let me know you are signing up so I can keep track of the numbers
See you there.