CVRR Tuesday Session for June 20th, 2017

CVRR Tuesday Session for June 20th, 2017
Hello CVRR athletes and hope everyone is feeling healthy and strong! This week we will be on the track focusing on our aerobic power. These workouts are very important especially for the 1500- 15000 metre distances (hence increased aerobic power can yield faster times). However, please remember to be patient with yourself and allow adequate recovery after these sessions to fulfill the training effect.
Session Focus: V02 Max Intervals to increase aerobic power
• Warm-up of 10-20 minutes easy
• Dynamics at 5:10 PM with stretching and strides
• Workout: 4-6 x 800 metres at VO2 max pace (I will give you your splits to focus on) off 2-3 minutes recovery jogs
• Cooldown of 10-20 minutes easy (absolute minimum of 2 easy laps)
• Summer Solstice Potluck at horse stables.
Looking forward to seeing everyone for Tuesday!
Cougars Track & Field meet this weekend with 3000 metres race on Sunday morning at 9:00 AM at our track (June 25th).