CVRR Tuesday Sessions for September 4th - October 30th, 2018

Hello CVRR runners and welcome to the Fall 2018 Tuesday training sessions! I hope you all had a great summer running wise with some quality family time too. The focus for the next two months will be to rebuld our strength endurance. If you have had a busy summer of racing or were lower key these workouts will allow you to re-group and build upon your existing fitness. The fall is also a great time to build the running base for that upcoming cross country trail race or that half or full marathon. Above all, fall is the time to just get back to the basics and enjoy the true essence of distance running in our beautiful environment. Many thanks to those dedicated CVRR runners who covered the training sessions for me while I was away this summer!

Training Plans and Principles:

Please do a 10-20 minute easy warm-up run before the session begins.

Please be ready to go at 5:10 PM for dynamic drills at the track (sometimes we will move to another location once we meet).

Please always do a 10-20 minute cooldown run after the session.

Above all - please have fun and always listen to your body! If you are racing on the weekend please let me know. If you had raced the previous weekend please take it easy at the session to avoid injury!

Training Session: September 4th: Horse Trails Sausage Fartlek: 2min30sec;5min;2min30s;5min;2min30s off 2 minutes recovery. Please run in a group taking turns leading the indivual work-bout! This wokout is done at a hard pace or depending on how you feel.

September 11th: Blooming Barn Loop 20 minute Tempo run (comfortably hard pace on 5.1 km loop); 4 x 15 second strides off 45 seconds break.

September 18th:Grass Field Intervals at VO2 max pace (5km race pace): 6-8 reps of 75 sec hard off 45 seconds easy.

September 25th:Hill Circuit Continuous (1.35km per loop with 3 efforts at moderate-strong effort). 2-4 loops

October 2nd: Horsetrails Sausage Fartlek: 6-7 x 3 minutes hard off 2 minutes easy in a group setting. Each member leads a workbout and works togeither!

October 9th: Track Session (VO2 max effort - 5 km race pace effort) Step Counting 10/10-100/100 and return. I will give further details - this is a fun and challenging session!

October 16th: Grass Cruise Intervals: 3-4 x 2 laps off 60-90 seconds recovery at comfortably hard pace.

October 23rd: Hill Circuit Continuous on 1.35 km loop (3 efforts per loop) (3-4 loops)

October 30th: Track VO2 Max Intervals (4-6 x 400 metres at I pace off 60-90 seconds).