CVRR Tuesday Training Sessions for January 22nd-March 26th, 2019

~~CVRR Tuesday Training Sessions for January 22nd- March 26th, 2019
Welcome CVRR runners to the mid-later winter training sessions. The focus over the next nine weeks will be directed towards those planning on racing the Comox Valley Half Marathon on March 24th. However, these workouts are just as suitable for marathon training build-up and beneficial for shorter races too. Again, if racing is not in your plans just come out and enjoy as these workouts will help build your strength endurance and speed over time.  Please remember to always get an adequate warm-up run in of at least 10 minutes and a cooldown run of 10-20 minutes along with some gentle stretches (pls. ask me about the cooldown stretches if not sure). We start the dynamic drills at 5:10 PM at the track. For those training for half marathon and marathon I would suggest that you aim on doing a long run at least every other weekend of 90-120 minutes. During the week (if you wish) you can do a second workout on a Friday (alternating) within the first 5 weeks leading up to the Comox Half that could include a steady 20 minutes Tempo run on one week and 4-6 x 5 minutes Tempo cruise intervals (off 1 minute recoveries) on the other week. For week 6, 7 & 8 & 9, I would drop the second weekly session but do a modified long run in week 6 that may include 45 minutes of easy running; 30 minutes at Marathon pace and 10 minutes at Threshold pace (15k race pace) followed by 15 minutes easy. Weeks 7, 8 & 9 should only consist of one harder session (Tuesday). If you are doing some of the other Island races, please always give yourself two easy days to recover so if you come to the Tuesday session run easily (no workout as the race was your workout! Never do a second hard session the week that you are racing and above all, always listen to your body and err on the side of being conservative! Remember do the least amount to yield the maximum result!

January 22nd
• Road circuit Cruise Threshold Intervals at 15km race pace (3-5 x 1500 metres off 1 minute rest; 5 minute recovery; 4 x 15 second strides off 45 second rests

January 29th
• 4-6 x 400 metres on track at Repetition pace off 400 metre jogs (splits will be provided)

February 5th
• 15 minutes Threshold run (comfortably hard) on road circuit
• 5-7 minutes recovery jog
• 4-6 x 30 second hills at Rep pace off full recoveries walking down the hill

February 12th
• Track session with step counting at approximately 5 km race pace
• 10 steps easy/10 steps hard working up to 100 steps easy/100 steps hard and then working downwards towards 10/10 steps again. This is a fun and dynamic workout!

February 19th
• Vanier Hill Road Circuit with 3 pickups (per 1.35 km circuit)
• 3-4 circuits at 5km race pace effort

February 26th
• 3-5 x 800 metres on the track at I pace (5km race pace) (splits will be provided) with 2-3 minutes recovery jogs

March 5th
• 2 x 10 minutes at Threshold Pace on road circuit (comfortably hard) off 2 minutes rest
• 1-2 x 5 minutes at Threshold Pace off 1 minute rest
• 4 x 15 second strides off 45 seconds rest

March 12th
• Mixed Workout on the Track: 2 x 5 minutes at Threshold Pace (comfortably hard) off 1 minute rest
• 2 x 800 metres at I pace (5 km race pace) (splits will be provided) off 2-3 minutes rest
• 3 x 200 metres at Rep pace (splits will be provided) off 200 metre jogs

March 19th
• 3 x 1200 metres at Threshold to Half Marathon race pace (on the track) off 2 minutes rest


March 26th
• Easy recovery run for those who raced the Half Marathon (30-45 minutes) or Mono Fartlek run (2x 90 seconds hard; 4 x 60 seconds; 4 x 30 seconds; 4 x 15 seconds off equal recovery times