CVRR Tuesday Training Schedule to June 25th, 2019

May 28th
• Vanier grass field short intervals at 3-5 km race pace effort
• 12 -16 x 1 minute hard (but not completely full out) with 30-45 seconds recovery run. This should be a blast on the grass! (Hey it rhymes)!

June 4th
• Track session: 3-5 x 800 metres @ Interval pace (about 5km race pace) of 3 minutes rest (walk/jog). Pace splits will be provided.

June 11th
• Horse Trails Fartlek: 1, 2, 3 ,4, 4, 3, 2 and 1 minute all off 1-minute recovery.
• Pace will be varied depending on how you feel. Run in groups and take turns leading the work bouts. Have fun and remember you only have one minute easy for rest!

June 18th
• Cruise Intervals (comfortably hard pace) on Vanier/Glacier road loop of approximately 1200 metres
• 4-6 repeats finishing at yellow gate and then easy running to start (rest 60-90 seconds).

June 25th
• Track session: 6 x 400 metres @ I pace (5 km race pace) off 60-90 seconds rest.
• 4-6 x 150 metres (increasing speed gradually every 50 metres but not full out)!

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