CVRR Tuesday Evening Spring Training Schedule (April 2nd-June 25th), 2019

~~CVRR Tuesday Training Schedule for April 2nd- June 25th, 2019
Welcome CVRR runners and well done to those who competed in our CVRR Half Marathon last week. Also, many thanks to all those volunteers out there who contributed their time to help make this event such an outstanding success!
We are also exited to welcome any new CVRR runners who graduated from the 5 km clinic. On April 2nd we will be offering another “new runner” orientation training session so please feel free to join – it is all about fun here while aiming on developing the running skill set.
During the spring training phase, we will be focusing on a variety of workouts to help train runners who may be planning to race in the 5km to half marathon distance range. This includes those who are planning on doing triathlons, trail, road and track races. In addition, these workouts can also be very helpful for those preparing to race longer than half marathon distance.  Finally, if you are not planning on racing, just doing the sessions will keep your body tuned and ready to go for possible future events.
Please remember that we meet at the track and start the dynamic warm-up at 5:10 PM. Make sure that you get an easy 10-20-minute warm-up run in before the drills. Once the workout is completed it is also important to go for an easy cooldown run of about 10 minutes. Always be prepared for the weather as one day may be quite hot and another could be as if winter is fighting back (typical spring)! A water bottle is always a good idea. Above all, enjoy the sessions and always, always listen to what your body is telling you. If you are feeling tired or sore on a day make sure to back off and get some extra rest. Please remember that rest is part of the training equation (Stress + Rest = Improvement).

April 2nd
• 25-30 minutes extended Tempo run (¾ effort) on Blooming Barn 5.1 km road loop (approx. 5-8 seconds per km slower than regular tempo speed.
• 4-5 x 15-20 second strides off 45 seconds (This workout is also an excellent psychological endurance booster)!

April 9th
• Cross Country/Trail racing simulation on horse trails circuit
• 3 x 1500 metres (approximately) @ 10k race pace off 3 minutes - should be lots of fun!
April 16th
• 4-8 x 400 metres on track at Rep pace off 400 metre jogs for recovery
• Rep pace is quick but not full out (splits will be provided)
• Focus on relaxed form!
April 23rd
• Progressive run on Blooming Barn 5.1 km road loop
• 10 minutes steady and gradually increase to Tempo pace for the next 20 minutes followed by 5-10 minutes steady and easy
• 4 x 15-20 second strides off 45 seconds
April 30th
• Track session: 4-8 x 400 metres at Interval pace (5 km race pace) with 200 metre recovery floats in 45-65 seconds ( Pace splits will be provided)
May 7th
• Horse trails Mono Fartlek: 2 x 90 seconds; 4 x 60 seconds; 4 x 30 seconds; 4 x 15 seconds off equivalent recoveries. (i.e.; 90 seconds hard with 90 seconds easy). (Pace is a mix between Interval and Rep pace). Focus on perceived exertion instead of what your watch says!
May 14th
• Track session: 3-5 sets (400 metres @ Rep pace with 400 metres recovery and 200 metres @ Rep pace with 200 metres recovery) (Pace splits will be provided)! This should be a fun challenge – important to always stay relaxed and focus on form when doing a repetition workout!

May 21st
• Cruise Intervals on Blooming Barn 5.1km road circuit
• 4-6 x 5 minutes at Threshold Pace (comfortably hard) off 1 minute recovery walk/jog between
May 28th
• Vanier grass field short intervals at 3-5 km race pace effort
• 12 -16 x 1 minute hard (but not completely full out) with 30-45 seconds recovery run. This should be a blast on the grass! (Hey it rhymes)!
June 4th
• Track session: 3-5 x 800 metres @ Interval pace (about 5km race pace) of 3 minutes rest (walk/jog). Pace splits will be provided.
June 11th
• Horse Trails Fartlek: 1, 2, 3 ,4, 4, 3, 2 and 1 minute all off 1-minute recovery.
• Pace will be varied depending on how you feel. Run in groups and take turns leading the work bouts. Have fun and remember you only have one minute easy for rest!
June 18th
• Cruise Intervals (comfortably hard pace) on Vanier/Glacier road loop of approximately 1200 metres
• 4-6 repeats finishing at yellow gate and then easy running to start (rest 60-90 seconds).
June 25th
• Track session: 6 x 400 metres @ I pace (5 km race pace) off 60-90 seconds rest.
• 4-6 x 150 metres (increasing speed gradually every 50 metres but not full out)!