Tuesday Track

CVRR Tuesday Training Summer Sessions

CVRR Tuesday Training Sessions -June 2nd- Aug 18, 2020

Welcome CVRR runners to the summer training sessions. The focus will be on building strength endurance mixed in with speedwork to keep those legs moving. We can build a stronger, more injury resistant body with strength endurance training which then allows us to handle the faster running. Above all, be patient, do not force the running but take your time and hurry slowly! Please be warmed-up and ready to go by 5:10 pm. Also please remember to socially distance yourself from others when at these session by at least 2 metres apart.


  • June 2nd: Horse trails fartlek: 2 x 90 seconds; 4 x 60 seconds; 4 x 30 seconds; 4 x 15 sec. off equal recoveries (i.e., 60 seconds hard then 60 seconds easy). 8-9.5/10 effort.
  • June 9th: Dove Creek Cruise Intervals: 2-5 x 5 min. at Tempo pace (comfortably hard: 8.5/10 effort off 60-90 seconds rest; 4 x 15 second strides off 45 seconds rest.
  • June 16th: Track Session; 2-5 x 800 metres off 2-3 minutes rest at 5 km race pace (splits will be provided) (9/10 effort)
  • June 23rd: Vanier field grass Intervals: 2-4 x 2 laps at Tempo pace off 1-2 minutes rest (8.5/10 effort – comfortably hard) 4 x 15 second strides off 45 seconds rest.
  • June 30th: Horse Trails Fartlek: 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1 minute hard off 1 minute easy (8-9.5/10 effort).
  • July 7th: Vanier School Road Tempo: 15 minutes at Tempo pace (comfortably hard @ 8.5/10 effort); 4-6 x 200 metres on track at Rep pace (9.5/10) Splits provided.
  • July 14th: Track Session: 3-8 x 400 metres at 5 km race pace off 1-2 minutes rest. Splits will be provided (9/10 effort).
  • July 21st: Horse Trails INS & OUTS: 60 seconds hard off 60 seconds easy x 8-12 repeats (8-9.5/10 effort).
  • July 28th: Glacier Road Cruise Intervals: 2-5 x 1200 metres at Tempo pace (8.5/10 effort) off 1-2 minutes rest; 4 x15 second strides on grass off 45 seconds rest.
  • August 4th: Vanier grass field fartlek: 75 seconds hard off 45 seconds easy x 6-10 repeats (9-9.5/10 effort) 5 race pace or a bit faster.
  • August 11th: Dove Creek Loop steady 20-minute Tempo run (8.5/10 effort); 4 x 15 second strides off 45 seconds.
  • August 18th: Horse trails fartlek: 2 x 90 seconds; 4 x 60 seconds; 4 x 30 seconds; 4 x 15 sec. off equal recoveries (i.e., 60 seconds hard then 60 seconds easy). 8-9.5/10 effort.


This program has started again. Please contact Neil Holm HERE if you have any questions. 

Participants meet at the track and start the dynamic warm-up at 5:10 PM. Make sure that you get an easy 10-20-minute warm-up run in before the drills. Once the workout is completed it is also important to go for an easy cooldown run of about 10 minutes. Always be prepared for the weather as one day may be quite hot and another could be as if winter is fighting back (typical spring)! A water bottle is always a good idea. Above all, enjoy the sessions and always, always listen to what your body is telling you. If you are feeling tired or sore on a day make sure to back off and get some extra rest. Please remember that rest is part of the training equation (Stress + Rest = Improvement).

As per Government Health regulations, the following individuals should NOT attend club activities: • Any person experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 (including fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, headache, or shortness of breath). If these symptoms begin while at a training venue the individual must leave immediately and contact medical assistance for advice on further management. • Any person who receives a diagnosis of COVID-19. • Any person who has been told to self-isolate at home. • Any person who lives in a home or has been in close contact with someone with symptoms of COVID-19. • Any person who lives in a home or has been in close contact with someone who has been told to self-isolate at home. • Any person who has arrived in Canada from outside of the country within the last 14 days as they are mandated to self-isolate and monitor for symptoms for 14 days upon their arrival.


What is Tuesday Night Track?

Hello. Welcome to CVRR Tuesday Night Sessions. These sessions are for any Comox Valley Road Runners member who wants to get more technical input on their running. You may want a social/easy session. You may be a serious runner who will push hard on the session in order to aim towards a specific running goal. You may even wish to skip some of the sessions, based on your needs/goals. It really doesn't matter how you run these sessions, because we all have different kinds of goals in running. The only prerequisite (besides being a current CVRR member) is: you should be able to run 5km continuously. (Hence, for new runners, the annual CVRR running clinic is a great way to prepare). If you want, you can try out one of these workouts before you become a Club member - just let Neil know at the beginning of the session so he can get you to sign a waiver.


Club Coach Neil Holm

Neil has been a nationally ranked runner from 1500 metres up to the marathon distance. He started competitive running at age twelve with the Norwesters Track & Field club in West Vancouver. He later ran for Simon Fraser University on  an athletic scholarship and the Richmond Kajaks Track Club. Over the years he has been very fortunate to receive good coaching that helped him excel at various distances on the track, cross country and the roads. Some highlighted performances include a 3:56 for 1500 metres; 30:49 track 10,000 metres at the Harry Jerome Track Classic; 1:07:32 half marathon personal best and also winning the 2003 Vancouver First Half Marathon in 69:55. Neil was also the first Canadian finisher in the 2000 Boston Marathon in 2:32. In 2003 Neil ran the Chicago Marathon with a personal best time of 2:26 adding to his total of five marathons under two hours and thirty minutes. Neil still competes as a masters runner. He was the winner of the 2007 California International Marathon (masters division) in 2:32 at age 42. As a master Neil also placed 7th overall in the 2008 Victoria Marathon in 2:36.

Neil continues to be passionate about running and endurance sports in general and believes in long term development and performance over one’s life. As a coach he fosters consistent and progressive training practices that acknowledge the uniqueness of each athlete in order for them to reach their goals. More recently Neil has become actively involved in Nordic ski racing during winter months. He is also a NCCP community ski coach for the Strathcona Nordics that includes coaching his two children.

Neil and his family are avid outdoor enthusiasts that enjoy hiking, cycling, swimming and exploring the beautiful BC coast during the summer months. Neil works as an instructor at North Island College and holds a Masters degree in education.


“The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”
― John Bingham