Road Runners Race Trails

Don't be fooled by the name. The Comox Valley Road Runners are also avid trail runners. CVRR has been well represented in a variety of trail races recently as the trail racing season kicks off.

The first major trail race of the season was the Dirty Duo in North Vancouver on March 9th. The Dirty Duo is a multi-sport event, including biking and/or running over a variety of distances. Kiyoko Marton was the lone CVRR member to participate. She raced the 15k trail running event, finishing an excellent 13th place overall.

This was followed by the Chuckanut 50k, held on March 16th  in Bellingham, Washington. This is a grueling trail race that includes 5000 feet of climbing. The race was billed as one of the most competitive 50k races in North America in 2012. Brad Crowe and Marion Bryan both had exceptional races, with Chuckanut being their first race at the 50k distance. They were accompanied by ultra-racing veteran Shauna Connaughton, who also had a a great race.

Next was the Fletcher's Challenge trail race in Nanaimo on March 29th. The Fletcher's Challenge race is a memorial trail run for Gavin Fletcher of Nanaimo. It includes both a 13km trail race and a 6km family run/walk around Westwood Lake. The Road Runners were lead by Roger Plamondon, followed closely by Patrick Montgomery. Marion Bryan lead the CVRR women, showing her toughness by bouncing back quickly from the 50k race just two weeks earlier. Mary Anne Rolfe, Kiyoko Marton, and Leo Rolfe also completed the very difficult course and turned in some great times.

Next on the racing agenda for many of these trail racers is the Gutbuster Trail Running Series. The first race of the Gutbuster Series takes place in Victoria on May 12th. The series of four races culminates with the Mount Washington race on August 11th.