The Fred Bigelow 100K (a Comox Valley journey)

Memorial Month Event:

The Fred Bigelow 100K (a Comox Valley journey)

A fund raiser for the Cumberland Forest Society and United Riders of Cumberland

Dates: from Sunday, November 1 to Monday, November 30, 2020

Registration: $50.00 per person, register at “RaceRoster” October 1 - Nov.29
Go to:

Strava Club membership (free) is required

Course(s) are your choice throughout the Comox Valley

Fred Bigelow was an athlete. A good friend to many. A strong CVRR member/volunteer.
The kind of person that is sorely missed when they’re not there. Fred has joined a growing
group of our club members/friends that have passed away over the many years the
Road Runners have been together. One of the things Fred was passionate about was his
love of the Comox Valley. He promoted it whenever he got the chance. He made every effort
throughout his storied military career to be posted here nearer to his family, his roots.
Fred was a positive source of energy and enthusiasm that never failed to come up with an
ambitious idea.
To honour Fred and promote our beautiful area we have created this 100K memorial run to held
all over the Comox Valley: from Fanny Bay to Oyster River, from Mt Washington to Hornby
Island. Participants have the month of November to complete the distance.
The proceeds will go towards the charities mentioned above. Successful 100k participants will
receive a hand stamped metal shoe tag with a very unique “Fred’ism” that will forever remind
the wearer of this event and this amazing CVRR member.

For more information, Leslie Dargie HERE

Tuesday, September 29, 2020