2021 Club Registration

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It is also now time to go to CVRR and renew your registration. Through the Covid period (since last February), your club has been as busy as possible offering virtual runs and information on interesting runs elsewhere in the world. We have also been working with Courtenay and the CVRD to keep the needs of our runners in their considerations. However, a major source of funding (races) has not been available to us for most of 2020 and we anticipate that 2021 will not be any better. We are relying on your registration fees to provide a basic Club income so that we can offer our best again next year. So, to allow us to continue supporting running in the Comox Valley, both road and trail, please make sure you renew your registration for 2021 any time in the next 2 months.
Still the best deal going at only $20 for the year.