On Sunday, November 21, 2020 at 11am, the Comox Valley Road Runners will host the annual
AGM. Because of the current Covid situation, this meeting will be in virtual format. You are
warmly invited to attend this short, but important event. To add an interesting twist, our guest
speaker will be the very accomplished Canadian world class runner, Justin Kent, who will relate
some of his experiences and talk about the running world in general. Justin was here recently to
run on our certified half-marathon course to log a qualifying time (just over 1:04) for the World

To attend the AGM, please log onto
, or go to to use the links there, and sign up for your
free “ticket” (to let us know who is coming so we can send out the agenda and the Zoom link just
before the meeting).
To hold the meeting, we require at least 28 members to attend (quorum), so please attend if you
can. :You are welcome to include any friends who may also want to hear this speaker. Should
you be interested in taking on a leadership role in the CVRR, please contact Roz Smith at The speaker session will be 20 minutes, with the AGM taking up the rest
of the hour.


CVRR Registration

It is also now time to go to CVRR and renew your registration. Through the Covid period (since
last February), your club has been as busy as possible offering virtual runs and information on
interesting runs elsewhere in the world. We have also been working with Courtenay and the
CVRD to keep the needs of our runners in their considerations. However, a major source of
funding (races) has not been available to us for most of 2020 and we anticipate that 2021 will not
be any better. We are relying on your registration fees to provide a basic Club income so that we
can offer our best again next year. So, to allow us to continue supporting running in the Comox
Valley, both road and trail, please make sure you renew your registration for 2021 any time in
the next 2 months.