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CVRR Summer Training Sessions from June-August 28th, 2018

~~CVRR Tuesday Training Sessions for June 19th – August 28th, 2018
Welcome CVRR runners to the Summer Training Sessions. During this period some of you will be immersed in trail running and racing while others will continue to run and race on the road. There may be some of you who do some track racing, focus on a triathlon or perhaps there is no racing in your plans. However, whatever your focus is, my hope is that you get out there and enjoy your running! The following sessions are aimed to address the different energy systems to help you maximize your enjoyment and performance as a runner. Please remember during the hot weather to make sure you hydrate yourself and try to run during the cooler periods of the day. Again, if you are racing always give yourself a few easy days prior and adequate recovery afterwards – listen to your body – if you feel extra tired back off your training! Finally, I will be out of town for an extended period with my family and thanks very much to anyone who would like to lead a session.

CVRR Session for June 19th
• 10-20 minutes easy warm-up run
• Dynamics @ 5:10 PM
• Horse Trails Mystery Fartlek Session
12 efforts from 20 seconds to 2-1/2 minutes at a variable pace while working in a small group. Each runner takes a turn leading the work bout and does not disclose the duration of the effort. Focus on running tall with good turnover!
• 10-20 minutes cooldown run

CVRR Session for June 26th
• 10-20 minutes easy warm-up run
• Dynamics @ 5:10 PM
• Track Session: 2 x 200 metres at Rep pace off 90-120 seconds; 1 x 1000 metres at Threshold Pace; 2-3 minutes recovery; 4 x 200 metres at Rep pace off 90-120 seconds (pace times will be provided).
• 10-20 minutes cooldown run

CVRR Session for July 3rd
• 10-20 minutes easy warm-up
• Dynamics @ 5:10 PM
• Grass Intervals at VO2 Max pace (about 5 km race pace): 4-6 x 1 lap (about 700 metres) off 2-3 minutes recovery. (Try to maintain a strong and even pace while maintaining good form).
• 10-20 minutes cooldown run

CVRR Session for July 10th   ( I will be here for this session)
• 10-20 minutes easy warm-up
• Dynamics @ 5:10 PM
• Horse Track Tempo run of 20 minutes (comfortably hard and even pace that could be maintained for 60 minutes when rested).
• 5-7 minutes easy
• 4 x 15-20 seconds strides on gravel or grass off 45 seconds recovery (focus on running relaxed – no straining)!
• 10-20 minutes cooldown run

CVRR Session for July 17th
• 10-20 minutes easy warm-up
• Dynamics @ 5:10 PM
• Track Session: 4-6 x 400 metres at 5km race pace off 200 metre float runs between 50-70 seconds (these are fast recovery runs so make sure you pace yourself correctly on the 400 metre segments)! The workout begins with a 200 metre float run (run relaxed)! 400 metre pace splits will be provided.
• 10-20 minutes cooldown run

Split Times per 400 metres based on 10k race time:
60 minutes (approx.: 10 km race time) 2:14 per 400 metres (1 lap)
55 minutes 2:02
52 minutes 1:56
50 minutes 1:52
48 minutes 1:48
46 minutes 1:44
44 minutes 1:40
42 minutes 95 seconds
40 minutes 91 seconds
38 minutes 87 seconds
37 minutes 85 seconds
36 minutes 82 seconds
35 seconds 81 seconds
34 minutes 79 seconds
Focus on running a consistent pace per lap! 

CVRR Session for July 24th
• 10-20 minutes easy warm-up
• Dynamics @ 5:10 PM
• Horse Trails Fartlek Session: 2 x 90 seconds off 90 seconds easy; 4 x 60 seconds off 60 seconds easy; 4 x 30 seconds off 30 seconds easy; 4 x 15 seconds off 15 seconds easy; 1 x 3 minutes at sustained and good effort while maintaining your form.
• 10-20 minutes easy cooldown

CVRR Session for July 31st
• 10-20 minutes easy warm-up
• Dynamics @ 5:10 PM
• Grass Cruise Intervals at Tempo pace (comfortably hard pace)
3-4 x 2 laps (approx. 1400-1500 metres) of 60-90 seconds recovery.
• 4 x 15- 20 second strides with good form on track off 45 seconds
• 10-20 minutes cooldown

CVRR Session for August 7th
• 10-20 minutes easy warm-up
• Track Session: 2 x 1000 metres at Threshold Pace (comfortably hard) off 1 minute; 3 minutes easy; 2 x 600 metres at VO2 Max pace (3-5km race pace) off 2 minutes; 5 minutes easy; 2-4 x 200 metres at Rep pace (fast but controlled) off 90 seconds – 2 minutes recovery (pace splits will be provided).
• 10-20 minutes easy cooldown
10 km race time Threshold Pace per 400 metres VO2 Max pace per 400 metres Rep pace for 200 metre runs
60 minutes 2:26 2:14 63 seconds
55 minutes 2:13 2:02 57
52 minutes 2:07 1:56 54
50 minutes 2:02 1:52 52
48 minutes 1:57 1:48 50
46 minutes 1:53 1:44 48
44 minutes 1:49 1:40 46
42 minutes 1:43 1:35 44
40 minutes 1:38 1:31 42
38 minutes 1:34 1:27 40
37 minutes 1:31 1:25 39
36 minutes 1:30 1:22 38
35 minutes 1:28 1:21 37
34 minutes 1:25 1:19 36

CVRR Session for August 14th
• 10 minutes easy warm-up run
• 5:10 PM: Continue warm-up to Dove Creek Road (Blooming Barn Loop)
• Dynamics (A skip, cross overs & butt kicks) 30 metres each
• Workout: 20 minutes Tempo run (comfortably hard pace) on 5.1km loop.
Once 20 minutes is completed please resume to easy running but complete the loop.
• 4 x 20 second strides focusing on running tall with fast, light leg turnover off 45 seconds recovery
• East cooldown run back to the track

CVRR Session for August 21st 
• 10-20 minute warm-up run
• Dynamics @ 5:10 PM with 30 metres A Skip, Butt Kicks & side striding (30 metres on both sides)
• Horse Trail Fartlek: 12 efforts ranging from 20 seconds to 2.5 minutes with variable recovery. Effort is based on how you feel and pace set by runner leading the work bout.
Try to run in small groups and everyone to take at least one turn setting time and pace. If you fall behind it is okay to cut corners to catch up. Have fun and focus on staying relaxed!
• Easy 10 minutes of running

CVRR Session for August 28th   ( I will be here for this session).
• 10-20 minutes warm-up
• Dynamics @ 5:10 PM
• Grass Cruise Intervals: 3-4 x 2 laps (approx.: 1500 metres for 2 laps) off 60-90 seconds recovery
• 4 x 15-20 seconds strides off 45 seconds
• 10 minutes easy cooldown run on grass


Above all enjoy your running and summer! Also if you cannoi make sense of the listed split times, the person leading the session will have a more detailed copy.

Coach Neil





What is Tuesday Night Track?

Hello. Welcome to CVRR Tuesday Night Sessions. These sessions are for anyone who wants to run. You may want a social/easy session. You may be a serious runner who will push hard on the session in order to aim towards a specific running goal. You may even wish to skip some of the session, based on your needs/goals. It really doesn't matter to me how you run these sessions, because we all have different kinds of goals in running. The only prerequisite is: you should be able to run 5km continuously. (Hence, for new runners, the annual CVRR running clinic is a great way to prepare for these sessions.)

Club Coach Neil Holm

Neil has been a nationally ranked runner from 1500 metres up to the marathon distance. He started competitive running at age twelve with the Norwesters Track & Field club in West Vancouver. He later ran for Simon Fraser University on  an athletic scholarship and the Richmond Kajaks Track Club. Over the years he has been very fortunate to receive good coaching that helped him excel at various distances on the track, cross country and the roads. Some highlighted performances include a 3:56 for 1500 metres; 30:49 track 10,000 metres at the Harry Jerome Track Classic; 1:07:32 half marathon personal best and also winning the 2003 Vancouver First Half Marathon in 69:55. Neil was also the first Canadian finisher in the 2000 Boston Marathon in 2:32. In 2003 Neil ran the Chicago Marathon with a personal best time of 2:26 adding to his total of five marathons under two hours and thirty minutes. Neil still competes as a masters runner. He was the winner of the 2007 California International Marathon (masters division) in 2:32 at age 42. As a master Neil also placed 7th overall in the 2008 Victoria Marathon in 2:36.

Neil continues to be passionate about running and endurance sports in general and believes in long term development and performance over one’s life. As a coach he fosters consistent and progressive training practices that acknowledge the uniqueness of each athlete in order for them to reach their goals. More recently Neil has become actively involved in Nordic ski racing during winter months. He is also a NCCP community ski coach for the Strathcona Nordics that includes coaching his two children.

Neil and his family are avid outdoor enthusiasts that enjoy hiking, cycling, swimming and exploring the beautiful BC coast during the summer months. Neil works as an instructor at North Island College and holds a Masters degree in education.


“The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” 

― John Bingham